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Capture of the main window
  1. Browser: show the audio content of directories.
  2. Buttons: manage the playlist (add songs from the broswer, remove song from the playlist...).
  3. Playlist: show songs.
  4. View selector.

First steps

First, ZiK need to know where is your audio collection. Fill in the preferences dialog (Menu browser, preferences). ZiK browse only the selected paths (and subfolders). Only files with the selected extensions are shown in the broswer view.
Select files from the browser and add them to the playlist by clicking the + button.
Play your favorite songs.

Other views

You can change the view by clicking the view selector.

Compact view

Capture of the compact view

Select the play item on the view selector to hide the browser and the playlist.


Capture of the radio view

Select the cd item with the view selector. If your cd is not found change the path of your cd device in the preferences dialog.


Capture of the radio view

Select the radio item with the view selector. To Add your webradio enter an url and choose a name.

Search in browser.

Use the menu browser, find to find file.

Search in playlist.

Ctrl+f open a dialog to search for a title in the playlist.

Edit playlist

Use the edit button to change songs order in playlist and edit songs' tag.

Export playlist

Use the menu to copy all audio tracks in playlist to destination. The choosen playlist file will be written in m3u or xspf format.

Key bindings


Modules add features to ZiK. You can see a list of modules on the wiki.